H.S. Earthing & Lightning Products are manufactured and tested to method of test adopted from BS 6651 : 1985 & SS CP 33 : 1996 or Singapore Standard SS 322 : 1987 'The Protection of Structures against Lightning'.

H.S. Cable Glands are manufactured and tested to the Standard of BS 6121 : 1973 that suit cable of standard BS 6346. Nominal diameters of cables that deviate from BS 6346 shall not be the responsibility of out company.

H.S. products are manufactured in high quality brass, aluminium, bronze and copper.

Our company is prepared to undertake die casting of aluminium alloy and brass products not printed in this catalog, and products non-related to lightning.

The manufacturer has taken every effort to maintain and keep the standard and quality of all the products as contained in thos catalog, but will not accept any legal responsibility for any claims whatsoever for inaccuracy, errors or omissions, and reserves the right to modify and change the design of the products in this catalog in term of PSB or HDB required and technical improvement.